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Testimonials from “Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose” Keynote

Thanks so much for sharing with us tonight. I personally really..really….really needed to hear what you shared tonight. Our whole company needed a boost and I KNOW that you were placed in our path to help get us to the next level. As you clearly pointed out, I reminded our agents that we weren’t in Sales, we were helpers in getting our clients to the next stage in their life, whatever that might be. Thanks again, what a great way to recharge our batteries before as we start 2012!

Jack, Owner/Broker, Coldwell Banker, The Advantage Realtor Group, Inc.


I was very pleased to have had Greg Coker speak at one of our “all associate” meetings.  Greg’s motivational message was entertaining and a great inspirational moment for me and my staff.  We were able to take away many teachable points that transfer to our business and dealing with personal growth in general.  Greg’s stories and metaphors will have any audience captivated and ready to better themselves as well as your business!

John – Managing Partner Rafferty’s Restaurants


“The Building Cathedrals program that Greg Coker presented to our board of directors was not just eye-opening but life changing.  It has been several months since the presentation and the message still rings fresh in our minds.  It continues to positively influence our decision making process and has brought about a renewed vision. I personally encountered a total paradigm shift in many areas of my life, not just professionally, as a result of Greg’s presentation.”

Tim -Kentucky 811Director


I really enjoyed your presentation, and I have seen a lot of them. Yours comes alive!

Rick -Vice President Western Kentucky University


“Greg Coker is a masterful storyteller who has a gift for inspiring others while illuminating one’s gift and purpose. His wisdom and insight will benefit audiences!”

Jim, Public School Superintendent


“Greg Coker will touch on every emotion. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will leave wanting to be a better person.”

Denise, Lions Club President


“Greg Coker challenged me to reach personal goals, see the big picture and seek opportunities to encourage others. Greg has the “IT” factor, someone who others naturally like, listen to and will remember!”

Tony, Account Executive, AMERESCO


“Your presentation lit a fire under me and gave me much needed motivation and optimism at the right time.”

Jeff, TVA Manager


“You really got me thinking about what “cathedrals” I am working on and whether or not I am building other’s “cathedrals” or tearing them down. Thanks again!”

Phillip, Kellogg

Testimonials from Greg Coker’s Consulting Services

“Greg Coker has coached me through some very difficult and challenging times. I was riding high in my company having been heavily recruited by my boss who quickly became my “sponsor.”  But all good things come to an end as she left for greener pastures and my new boss and I were at polar opposites. I just couldn’t seem to build the necessary rapport/trust/relationship and things quickly deteriorated. Greg coached me through many stressful situations and provided constructive feedback and specific areas for improvement.”

Fortune 500 Vice President (name confidential for obvious reasons)


“I was having difficulty with several direct reports who I obviously had some control over and several volunteers with whom I virtually had no control. In addition to some basic “management” issues, there were serious communication issues. Greg Coker built several leadership, communication and team models that brought everything into perspective for a visual learner like me.”

Association Executive


“I was new to a role where it was expected for me to get involved in the community and provide leadership as a way to position the company. This was all new to me and Greg coached me through deciding what civic groups to be a part of as well as strategies for our financial support that would best leverage the company and me as a community leader. He even went shopping with me as I was a “button down” guy trying to compete with the corporate types.”

Utility Manager


“I had just left a 100 member congregation with two employees, a 10 member deacon board and $250,000 budget to a 500 member congregation, 10 employees, 20 member deacon board and close to $1 million budget. It wasn’t very long into my new church until I encountered several challenging situations. A key staff member and I were hitting it off like oil and water; an aggressive and overzealous lay leader was trying to pretty much do my job. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling the love and felt uncomfortable going to my deacon chair with the risk of looking weak and ill prepared for these new challenges. Greg Coker and I talked many of nights and had several long lunches as he provided not only a sounding board for me, but specific strategies for dealing with these issues in a professional and timely manner.”



“I was a newly elected United States Congressman who was extremely analytical. I was fine with the business type folks but having a tough time in social settings when I had to socialize and work a crowd. And from the feedback I was getting, it was starting to limit my effectiveness. Greg Coker shared with me the Social Styles model that put everything in perspective. I was a Driver/Analytical and that was fine with bottom line business people but after 5pm I needed to go to the bottom part of the model to the Amiable/Expressive. To this day I mentally think of that model when I go from venue to venue determining the most appropriate style to incorporate.”

Current United States Congressman


 “I was the chair of a non-profit board and I was determined to get more organized than we had been in previous years. I knew a planning session was needed but I was dreading it like the plaque. Like most groups, we have a few very aggressive members and a few who rarely contribute at all. The last session went several hours long without any real results. We called Greg Coker in and I was amazed how smooth things went. He started the meeting with what he called “Group Norms” and amazingly we all lived up to them. He kept us on target and used a process called “Round Robin” that made darn sure the aggressive ones didn’t dominate and the more reticent ones came out of their shell. While there were post-it notes all over the place, we finished on time, Greg typed up our report and made me look pretty darn good.”

Nashville Executive; Nonprofit Board Chair


“I was a Chancellor at a major university and after one year knew something wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t determine exactly what. There was infighting with my immediate team, no one seemed to trust each other and I felt a few folks were actually trying to sabotage my success. I had worked with Greg Coker at another university and knew he had a gift of developing trust with my team allowing him to conduct confidential interviews with a cross section of the organization. He spent a few days down here, interviewed about 20 key folks, developed what the key themes were, shared with me the ones that related directly to me and then made a presentation to the larger team. We ended up making several significant changes, ones that I would have never uncovered without Greg’s help, which made a huge and lasting difference”

Former Chancellor and current University President

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