Greg Coker provides customized interventions, accelerating the transformation from a culture of “bricklayers” to a culture of “cathedral builders.” From strategy to solution, you and your organization will be transformed by Greg Coker’s customized interventions and proven workshops. Each is designed to fit your specific situation maximizing your time and resources. Greg Coker has a gift of making each issue apparent, understandable and workable by coaching individuals, facilitating teams and leading the entire organization through logical and progressive steps. In addition to gaining insight and a heightened awareness of interpersonal, group and organizational dynamics, participants are empowered with strategies and techniques to develop and sharpen critical skills for achieving peak performance. 

Strategic Planning

 If you’re looking for THE intervention to take your team and organization to the next level, THIS IS IT! This off-site session begins with the creation/revisitation of your team’s mission and vision. From there, the focus is on identifying team strengths (maximize) and growth areas (minimize/eliminate). Greg Coker will then guide you through the prioritization of growth areas and facilitate/coach your team through a practical problem-solving process. This intense intervention concludes with a series of team-building initiatives designed to build trust and ensure success during the implementation stage.

Organization Development: Taking the pulse of your organization

Unless the problem is crystal clear, you need a neutral, third party professional with the experience and expertise necessary to evaluate the situation from an objective point of view. You can rely on an accurate assessment and a workable solution with Greg Coker’s five-phase approach:

  • PHASE 1 Client-Consultant Contracting (scheduling the initial meeting, exploring the problem, client expectations, determining how best to get started)
  • PHASE 2 Data Collection and Diagnosis (determine who will be involved in defining the problem; what methods will be used; what kind of data should be collected; and how long it will take)
  • PHASE 3 Client Feedback and Decision to Act (taking the information collected reducing to major themes as to best manage and understand while setting project goals and action steps)
  • PHASE 4 Implementation (taking everything that has been decided implementing the solution)
  • PHASE 5 Extension, Recycle or Termination (this begins with an evaluation of the implementation phase making a determination to extend the process to a larger segment of the organization)

Grassroots Activation

You have a cadre of lobbyists at the Capitol, but do you have a comprehensive public affairs strategy? The legislature just delivered you an embarrassing vote of 20 for your issue; 80 against. Your message didn’t resonate with the power brokers, you failed to start working your key stakeholders until it was too late and totally misread the political landscape. Sound familiar? Greg Coker can help. He learned the power of grassroots and the art of leveraging relationships from the big boys, having worked for three Fortune 500 companies, two of which invented the game. His award winning grassroots strategies have galvanized thousands of employees, unions and retirees in the political process. He’s taken companies from one of influence to one of power.

Our view of grassroots is simple: Demonstrate to the legislator or regulator that our position is supported by a greater number of people in the community than our opponents’ issue. By doing so, we can assure legislators or regulators that by taking our side-or by striking a compromise that is equally amenable to both sides-they have chosen the prudent course to follow.

Grassroots is all about developing relationships and in the context of a political campaign or a lobbying effort, it means reaching out to individuals one-on-one seeking their support and leveraging their participation. Specifically, we assist you in targeting three constituent groups:

  • Family-At the outset of building your Grassroots organization, the first group we assist you in organizing are your employees and retirees. Because they share an emotional attachment to the company and its issues, our goal is to communicate personal impact making these folks your strongest advocates.
  • Friends-Stockholders and vendors fall into this category as they share an economic interest in your issue. We assist in identifying, communicating and managing this group.
  • Third Parties or “Grasstops”-Customers and Key Stakeholders in the community represent the third category. Generally, they have little or no idea that an issue affecting the company also affects them. Our job is to educate and convince them they should join us as they share an intellectual attachment to our issue. This group includes elected officials at different levels of government-mayors, for example-who might become an advocate to protect jobs and the community’s tax base. We also assist you and your company in community involvement and leadership as well as identifying and targeting decision makers and key stakeholders.

Other Grassroots related services include:

  • Letter writing campaigns
  • Educating, recruiting and motivating members to become politically involved
  • “Day at the Capitol” coordination/management for employees/retirees/stakeholders
  • Direct-Mail services
  • Message Development and Communication
  • Developing Communication Manuals, Talking Points, Key Facts, Q&As, Action Alerts
  •  Development and management of Key Contact programs
  • Third-Party/Grasstops Advocacy
  • Database Management
  • Website design and Social Media
  • PAC (development, recruitment, management, compliance)
  • Get out the vote (GOTV) efforts
  • Budgeting and Measurement
  • Strategic Campaign Opportunities
  • Legislative facility visits (coordination/management)

Witness Preparation

Because it is not uncommon for a member of your senior management and/or a subject matter expert to be called upon to testify about your issue at a legislative committee hearing, we provide witness preparation services ensuring a comfort level during the process as well a successful delivery of your message. The credibility your company’s spokesperson during a legislative committee hearing and the impact they have on legislators/regulators plays a key role in whether their testimony is heard and given proper consideration in deliberations. Witness credibility can be enhanced with participation in a series of witness preparation sessions. During these sessions our staff will take your company representative through a series of exercises that will improve their presentation and prepare them for the committee meeting or regulatory hearing. Ultimately, a prepared witness will come across as credible and likeable to the jury, bolstering your issue and your organization’s chance of winning.

Our witness preparation sessions focus on:

  • Exploring your company’s representative initial knowledge, personality and comfort level with testimony in a legislative committee room setting.
  • Exposing witnesses to a true legislative committee environment.
  • Videotaping witnesses to evaluate the verbal and non-verbal behavior they exhibit during testimony, such as failure to make eye contact, which diminishes credibility.
  • Teaching witnesses how to use graphics effectively in order to reinforce testimony.
  • Helping witnesses cope with the pressure of being at the front table by teaching stress management techniques.
  • Evaluating word choice and assessing speech rate.
  • Observing and addressing facial expressions and body language during testimony.
  • Preparing witnesses for different legislator styles, and ensuring they are always credible and in control.
  • Determining worst-case scenarios for cross examination

Media Training

We help you become familiar with the pace and unpredictability of a media interview and demonstrate how to plan your strategy and deliver your message in a calm, confident and memorable way. We give you an idea of the journalist’s game plan, and prepare you to respond in a calm, professional and effective manner.

Our training sessions are highly interactive and practical workshops delivered in a morning or afternoon session. We cover:

  • How the media can trip you up?
  • Coping with nerves
  • Making a positive start
  • Taking control
  • Handling interruptions
  • Getting your message across
  • Being memorable
  • Dealing with crossfire
  • Having the last word

Reputation Management

Hundreds of potential threats exist for every organization. Corporate crises can take the form of plant fires, loss of competitive secrets, workplace violence, product defects, embezzlement and extortion, industrial accidents, sabotage, and natural disasters. Any of these events—as well as numerous others—can cause an immediate and prolonged financial loss to a company, require an intensive communications effort directed to investors, employees, consumers and other entities, and may present a series of regulatory, community relations and competitive challenges.

We partner with you and your organization in developing a Crisis Management Plan determining how negative events can be avoided or reduced in scope. In addition to being retained to manage a crisis and counsel clients through an ongoing, fast-breaking crisis, we conduct advance training seminars, workshops and full-blown crisis simulations to hone the skills of managers and executives who may at some time be called upon to serve on a crisis management team or respond to the media in a crisis-filled environment.

Event management

Our experience in event management can mean the difference between a forgettable event and one for the record books. Our Team are pros at studying the intricacies of your event, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the specifics of the proposed event. Post-event analysis and ensuring a maximum return on your investment are what drives us. We manage events of all sizes from a company banquet down to a breakfast meeting for ten business people. We specialize in a variety of areas including corporate events, marketing programs and special corporate hospitality events. Specific scope of services include but not limited to: creative, technical and logistical elements of the event.

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