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March Madness is here

 Posted by on March 27, 2012
Mar 272012
March Madness is here and a previous game that is in heavy rotation during this time is the 1982 championship game between Houston & NC State where the late great Coach Jim Valvano is running around the court celebrating the win looking for someone to hug but all his players are already paired with someone else (hugged up…). I can remember wanting to jump through the TV and hug him. A key question for us is, “Is there a “Jim Valvano” in your life that is celebrating alone and might need a hug or even a nice note or phone call from you congratulating them? 10 years later Jim Valvano is dying of cancer as he accepts the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian award in front of millions of TV viewers. He challenges us to do three 3 things everyday. If we can do these 3 things everyday, that will be a “heck of a day,” said Valvano.
(1) Think (2) Laugh (3) Have your emotions moved to tears……
Now most of us can relate to (1) and (2) but what about (3) Cry every day? I dont think Valvano meant a “boo hoo” cry……I think he meant what I call a “Holy Spirit” cry…… Like when you see a parent and child embrace……or those news stories where the soldier comes home early and surprises his daughter at her school play, etc…… Google these two Jim Valvano moments (the game, the speech) and be touched, inspired……..

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